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Benefits of Equipment Leasing

Great American Finance Holdings provides business equipment leasing throughout the United States.

Applying couldn't be easier. Apply Online now and Great American Finance Holdings will immediately begin working on your lease approval.

For a personal introduction to Great American Finance Holdings's Business Equipment Leasing Services, please call 312-332-7119 or use our Online Form.

Equipment leasing can provide up to 100 percent financing. This means you can quickly obtain the equipment you need without depleting your available cash or using up the availability of your existing bank credit lines.

Equipment leasing minimizes your interest rate risk. Unlike variable rate loans and lines of credit, equipment lease payments are constant over the term the lease.

Equipment lease payments are often treated as fully deductible expenses. You may be able to write off your lease payments faster than the depreciable life of the equipment had you paid cash or financed the equipment using a loan or line of credit.

Equipment leasing allows for a greater variety of equipment selection than bank financing. Equipment can consist of both new and used equipment. Equipment leasing typically can include both hard costs as well as some soft costs.

Equipment leasing credit decisions are quick. Great American Finance Holdings specializes in helping firms obtain the equipment they need in a timely and efficient manner, usually on an application-only basis.

Equipment lease documentation is simple and straightforward. Lease documents are sent via overnight carrier for your completion and return. As soon as we receive your executed documents and confirm your acceptance of the equipment, we immediately pay the vendor.